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Hey, I'm NetDrifter2000. Or Ez if you prefer a less formal title. This website was made with the intent of learning more about the part of the internet that capitalism can't touch. The part that's working on decentralizing the internet, and making it once again, by the people, for the people. I don't know much about the whole concept yet, but this is my effort to learn!

I'm hoping you'll join me (if you haven't already) on my journey to discover the lesser known parts of the internet, and work towards creating a better, safer, less capitalistic space for us all to create and socialize.

What you can find on this site!

In addition to my effort to learn about the unseen parts of the internet, I made this website for fun! Here you can find graphics, writing, links, and other fun stuff that I like, and put up here simply for my own enjoyment.

If you like the site (or if you think it's terrible and want to give me a piece of your mind) click here to sign my guestbook!

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these are mostly site related but sometimes a bit personal as this is a personal site


I haven't been super engaged in this website lately, which has made me sad! I want to add more but I'm feeling a little stuck and I've also been busy with school. Today I added some pages to log movies and books that I've read, which will be fun. I'm itching for a bigger project though, something I can get really absorbed in...


Yesterday I finally finished that article about feminism. Honestly it's not that meaningful to me now that I've written it all down, but hey if you like opinion pieces maybe you'll enjoy it. I also changed around my sidebars yesterday! I think they look super cute now! Today I'm feeling very overwhelmed by the news of Russia invading Ukraine so I wrote a sort of journal page on my feelings. It's extremely bleak and pessimistic, but if you still want to read it here it is. Anyways, I hope everyone reading this is doing alright. Thanks for stopping by my website, it truly means a lot to me (eek can you tell I'm feeling real emo tonight?)


I've been writing down some feelings on the state of feminism and it's already got it's own article page (you'll be able to find it if you look at my profile) but I haven't linked it yet cause it's not done (yea I love starting and not finishing things!) I'm kind of scared I'm going to get yelled at by radfems or something for what I'm saying but also it's not that big of a deal and is really about my own experiences and feelings so I guess if anyone has a problem it's on them. Either way I like hearing opinions and having friendly discussion so if you end up reading it and having feelings you're welcome to talk to me about it!


I've started working on yet another page! This one is for study/school related resources. I was drawn to make this because being a student is a huge part of my identity, but I've always struggled with school. I want others in my position to be able to succeed as I have, so I'm hoping I can provide some resources that are actually helpful and can make a difference for someone! I don't have a link to this page up yet as it's very much a WIP, but I'll get it up as soon as its presentable!


Haven't updated this site in a while as I've been woriking in my entry for the yesterweb zine! If you'd like to see it once it's up check here!


Happy new year! More of a personal update, but after 2 years of avoiding it my partner and I finally caught covid :( probably from some relatives at Christmas. We're vaxxed and doing fine tho, and I'll probably use a lot of this quarentine time to work on my site!


Changed right sidebar photos, attempted once again to correct the alignment of the ones on my main page, but I can't figure out what's up with them :(


click here to read my article: Robo-pets and Internet Discoveries


Added a section for my art on the projects page! So far it just has some adoptables that I've made, but I'm real excited about those, go check 'em out! Added links on main page to other neocities sites that I enjoy!


Happy yule! Fixed size/position of content items on all pages so that they fit together nicely- starting to feel genuinely proud of how the site looks! For some reason the images in the sidebars on the home page won't center with the same code used on the other pages, so that's something I still need to figure out. Added projects tab to link to my fansites and have a place to link any sort of articles/writings I do in the future.


Fixed margins between content on main page, continued working on a cowboy bebop fanpage I'll be linking on the main site soon!


Added updates section.