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March 17th - This isn't really a real update but I wanted to write about something cool I plan on doing! So, my university has some absolutely aincient printing presses in our basement. The only guy allowed to run them is this really cool older dude who comes in once a week to teach us how to do it and supervise us so we don't crush our hands into pancakes. Last night when we were talking I discovered he is also a self-taught programmer and has extensive experience with the early internet. I asked him if he would be willing to let me interview him about his experiences and post it here, and he was all for it! Not sure when I'll have that up, especially since I would like to record and transcribe the interview, but I wanted to let y'all know about it because I thought it was super cool!

March 15th - I DID IT I DID IT I DID ITTTTT!!!! The iframes resize now!! It was super dumb on my part but I guess having them inside a div item had something to do with it? And I realized there was really no reason for them to be inside a div item anyways!

March 13th - I've been working on that playlist page I mentioned a while ago and now it's finally set up enough to link here! Please check it out because I am super proud of it! In other news the content sizing is really pissing me off. Everything will resize except my stupid iframe sidebars, and for a while I thought "fuck it, who cares" but I saw my website on my work laptop today and it looks so bad :,(

March 11th - I've been making some little edits to the site to make it work right. Today I figured out how to make the main content scalable so that it looks right on all screen sizes. The sidebars, however, are not going so well, and overlap with other content rather than scaling down. If you know how to fix this and you feel like it, maybe you could post a message on my neocities page? I'll figure it out eventually.

Feb 6th, 2023 - It's been a minute, huh? Well, I got back on here and had a rabid bought of coding that resulted in a really cool playlist page that will be coming soon to my collection of projects. It's not coming out exactly how I wanted, but hopefully I'm still able to execute something cool!

Dec 15th, 2022 - Added my own adoptables as well as some thoughts about my experience of being trans.

Dec 14th, 2022 - Finished my article about storytelling on the net!

Dec 12th, 2022 - Made a button for using to link back to my site. Also added the right sidebar so that my pages look symetrical, just need to actually add things to it.

Dec 11th, 2022 - I've been very busy lately because I'm finishing up my second to last semester of college! Today after finishing a long and boring essay I took some time to start writting about a subject that I love- storytelling on the internet. It's not accessable via my projects page yet as it isn't really finished, but I'll post about it as soon as it is!

Nov 24th, 2022 - I added a lot of fun stuff to the site today! My collections page is now full of blinkies, stamps, and fanlistings, and I've started putting links and their descriptions on the resources page. I'm so so glad I'm getting back into this, it's so much fun!

Nov 23rd, 2022 - Working on the site for the first time in months! Now I've got all the pages up and the navigation linked correctly- everything pretty much functions, I've just gotta add content!

Aug 10th, 2022 - I've had this site for a while and kind of fell out of using and updating it because my html knowledge was/is lacking, and consequently my code was confusing and convoluted. I really miss using my site and being a part of this community, so I'm going to atempt to really take my time and learn and rebuild this page!