NetDrifter2000 - Resources

Other Helpful Sites (currently under construction!)

This is a list of sites I think are helpful and fun. They vary from irl resources, to web building stuff, to random things I enjoy!



THE ULTIMATE CODING RESOURCE! This is where I go when I need a quick answer for how to write a line of code or make my site function the way I want.


A tool that lets you make a poll to put on your site.


Sadgrl is pretty much responsible for getting me really into internet decentralization. She started the Yesterweb ring, which is full of lovely people who have given me advice for my site and made a ton of cool stuff themselves! Sadgrl's site contains a lot of awesome resources not only for building your own website, but for informing yourself about various issues involving the net!

Interneting is Hard

Some simple tutorials for web development.

Just Delete Me

A resource that shows you where you can delete various accounts.

Digital Wellbeing

Resources for keeping yourself safe on the net.


A ton of blinkies you can display on your own site.

Button Wall

Huge page of buttons to display on your site.


Site featuring a ton of old internet gifs, free to use.

Glitter Graphics

More free internet graphics.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection

Another collection of old graphics- lots of different categories here!

Graphics by OMFG

Graphics made by fellow neocities user OMFG

Graphics by GlamourGoblin

Graphics made by fellow neocities user GlamourGoblin

✽Mental Health & Such✽

Embrace Autism

A resource for folks who suspect they may be autistic, founded by a group of doctors who are autistic themselves. They offer formal assessments, but their site contains tons of helpful information for free as well.

National Institute of Mental Health - Resources Page

Contains multiple resources within the united states for getting mental health related care.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

A very sweet online project where you can experiene some virtual hugs from some kind internet strangers.

For When You Feel Like Shit

An interactive guide to self-care.

✽Fun and Games!✽


A fun little browser game/tool that lets you make beats by clicking your keyboard. Warning- this site has flashing animations!


Just like patatap but with Miku! Warning- this site has flashing animations as well as music that plays as soon as you hit start!


A silly little site full of silly little minigames.


Work with other users to draw a monster- the catch is that you only get to see the part you're drawing.

A would you rather game where you get to see what percentage of other users agree with your pick.

Hunger Games Simulator

Simulate the hunger games with names and photos of whoever you choose.


Floor 796

A really neat interactive animation of the 796th floor of a space station.

✽Learn Something✽

Mental Models Box

An organized list of mental models that can help us to understand the world around us.

Let's Crush Capitalism

A quick and easy rundown of socialist theory.