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Macska Mode!

a page dedicated to the sweetest kitty

Macska is a 10 year old torbie cat. Her name is pronounced Mach-ka, and simply means cat in hungarian. She reminds me of a little granny, and my grandmother is hungarian, hence the origin of the name.

I got Macska in August of 2020. She's very special to me because she's the first cat I've had that has truly been mine, and I feel like I am hers as well. She's very affectionate, loves to give kisses and head bumps, and at night she has a routine of tucking me into bed by coming to sit by my face for a few minutes before returning to one of her spots, either under my desk or at the foot of my bed.

Macska Likes

Sleeping, giving kisses, wandering aimlessly, attempting to slurp the leftover sauce from your plate.

Macska Dislikes

When the food "isn't for cats," being kicked out of the desk chair, hairdryers, when the humans get up after she puts them to bed.

Photo Gallery

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