Tumblr Girl Revival

This might be obvious because we're talking about tumblr in 2014, but the description of this mix contains mentions of disordered eating. It's in the second paragraph after the photo and it's not very detailed, but I still wanted to give a warning just in case.

Despite the fact that it was undeniably one of the worst points in my life, I find myself extremely nostalgic for the era of the ~tumblr girl aesthetic~

Let me provide an image for reference:

(Also wanted to note that this image came from the Etsy of someone who is selling printed out versions of these photos as a "wall collage kit" which is a whole third thing I could go into because these are just old uncredited tumblr pictures. But like, girlbossing or whatever.)

I hate saying this phrase, because I think it's thrown around so loosely, but the 2014 tumblr girl aesthetic totally glamorized mental illness. Because it wasn't just dressing the part, it was a whole lifestyle that mostly revolved around self hatred and self harming behaviors. Such as keeping an entire blog to track your anorexia weight loss and reblogging other skinny white girls who had become legends on the site for their "success." I could get into it so much further, but this is supposed to be a mixtape about music I enjoy. So what the fuck did I enjoy about this era then?

It must have been the fact that I finally felt like I was growing up a little bit, that I was making friends for real, and developing my own style and understanding of the world. Music had a huge part in it too. This was the era in which I discovered the website 8tracks, which introduced me to more new music than I had ever heard before. I had always just listened to what my dad played or what was on the radio, but now I was seeking things out for myself. The stuff I listened to was still pretty popular at the time, but I definitely remember it feeling like the first time I was really finding music without anyone else's influence.

While not all of these songs are from 2014, they are songs that at least I myself listened to in 2014 during the height of the tumblr girl era. There are a few from 2015 as well that I felt fit with the vibe. While picking out these songs I also thought it would be cool to look at exactly when they were released and see if I could find any sort of pattern. Becasue of this, the songs in this playlist will be sorted by when they came out!