Welcome to my digital tape-player

I'm a little too young for actual mix 'tapes' but when I was a kid, my dad would burn CDs for me. The process was fun for both of us. We'd sit in the basement at a computer that ran Windows XP, browsing limewire or the mp3s he had already ripped from his large CD collection. Once a mixtape CD was finished he would take a blank CD case and make a cover insert for it, then a sticker to go on the CD itself. This has to be what ultimately got me into making mixtapes.

Years later after the old computer was long gone I discovered the now dead website 8tracks, where you could make and share playlists for free. Even later my mom had one of the last laptops with a disc drive, and I used sketchy youtube to mp3 sites, adding to both my iPod collection and my mixtape CDs.

Now that the physical aspect of mixtapes have become completely obsolete, some of the magic is gone. Some, but not all. This page is intended to capture that magic. Click the cassetes on the sides of the page to pull up a mixtape!

The art on this page was done by me!