Songs That are Gay and You Can't Change My Mind

In 2023 there are many (but still not enough) songs that are overtly gay. Which is awesome! However, in our heteronormative world, songs that aren't overtly gay tend to be assumed heterosexual. Even I myself, a certified queer, tend to assume a song is straigt if it isn't explicitly gay. Still, there are some songs that simply have no reasonable heterosexual explanation, despite the fact that they hardly mention gender at all. This is a collection of those songs.

I Think We're Alone Now - Tommy James and the Shondells

This is the song that gave me the inspiration fot this playlist. It so clearly describes a relationship between two semi-closited individuals. The fact that it's from the 60s also makes me really happy because I can imagine queer couples back then listening to it and feeling like they had something they could relate to!

Bad Vibes - k.flay

With absolutely no evidence at all, I have decided that this song is about rival lesbians who secretly sleep with each other.